Regardless of which side of the aisle you support, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the world didn’t come to a horrific end the day Trump won the election! In this episode, we discuss why people, especially Canadians, need to chill about all this on social media, why we can’t use the letters N F and L together on this podcast, and why we wish Mariah Carey would actually sing again.

One thought on “Ep. 017 “Trump is President and the World Didn’t End”

  1. Just listened to your podcast, haha! It was so entertaining… agree with the window displays, generic, dull and uninspiring! Christmas is a Christian holiday and they have taken “Christ” out of it. Another example, Starbucks holiday cups controversy! As for the election, I have dual citizenship, lived in Canada in the 90’s and now the States. As a Christian Pakistani minority living in the rust belt, I voted for Trump for many good reasons. Thanks for sharing your opinions, comments and concerns. You guys are right, what you both said is exactly why I voted for him.

    Question for you guys, what do you think of Kanye’s support for Trump?

    You guys are amazing! Doing a great job!

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