Our recent trip to the Oman and Pakistan didn’t exactly go as planned. Here’s what happened, and why we ended up coming home four days early. 

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One thought on “Ep. 057 “Our Travel Misadventures in Oman and Pakistan”

  1. Love the podcast. I was really looking forward to hearing your feedback. Disappointing to hear your first experience in Pak fell way short. On that topic a bit later. On the Oman bit, I would say that having lived in the Middle East for 7.5 years(mostly Dubai- but I travelled to Oman, Bahrain and Qatar several times) wearing an Abaya (local dress) by a tourist isn’t frowned upon. Cultural appropriation issues seem to be more prevalent in North America. Locals don’t necessarily care if you are wearing one. Non-Middle Eastern colleagues of mine in the office would wear it once in a while with no issues at all.
    My comment on Pak trip a bit later.

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